How you can Develop and Take care of Philodendron

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Houseplants are rising in recognition. An increasing number of individuals are selecting up the pastime. The Philodendron is without doubt one of the most typical houseplants in the marketplace and is simple to take care of. You don’t essentially want a inexperienced thumb so as to add a Philodendron to your house or workplace. Studying what they want is the important thing to maintaining them pleased.

These inexperienced vegetation don’t flower however will nonetheless brighten up your house. Ensuring you might be offering your Philodendron with the right quantity of water and daylight will hold them thriving. A contented plant might be an amazing addition to your house.

In regards to the Philodendron

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Wanting so as to add a houseplant to your house’s decor? Look no additional than the Philodendron. It’s recognized to maintain the air clear whereas additionally brightening up your house. The look is determined by the kind. They’re usually giant, leafy inexperienced vegetation that may produce vines. The vining plant will want some form of help. That could possibly be a pleasant pot or a trellis relying on the expansion. Different Philodendron sorts don’t climb and thus don’t want a help system.

These are nice houseplants. They’re native to Central and South America. The title is Greek in origin and interprets to “love tree”.

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How you can Develop the Philodendron

Philodendrons are straightforward vegetation to develop and handle. When given the optimum soil and watering circumstances, these vegetation will develop at a formidable price. When rising it, it’s necessary to pick out the best container. Your Philodendron might be happiest in a pot the place its roots take up roughly a 3rd of the container. It will give it room to develop with out being too large. It may additionally stop waterlogging. These vegetation are resilient beneath stress, however offering it with the perfect container will result in extra progress.


In case you are on the lookout for a plant that’s straightforward to propagate, that is the plant for you. The vining Philodendron could be simply propagated by chopping off a bit of the vine. All you’ll need is a six-inch chopping of the stem and a cup of water. As soon as it has developed many lengthy roots, it’ll be able to pot in soil. A four-inch pot will do the trick to your newly propagated tropical plant.

Propagating your non-vining Philodendron isn’t as easy however remains to be doable. When you see your non-vining plant displaying plantlets, you may take them off and plant them straight within the soil.


There are various members of the Philodendron household: Philodendron scandens, Philodendron erubescens, and Philodendron melanochrysum are all tall-growing vegetation. They vary in shade and dimension. Philodendron scandens is the most well-liked of the climbing selection. They’ve simply identifiable heart-shaped leaves that may generally be multicolored.

Philodendron rojo is a hybrid selection. It is not going to develop as tall because the varieties talked about above, however is hearty regardless. Philodendron bipinnatifidum is the biggest, non-vining plant within the household. This one grows lobed leaves. These are only a few of the most well-liked varieties. Visiting any plant store or backyard middle will introduce you to many various varieties you might add to your house.

Caring For Your Philodendron

Caring for these houseplants generally is a easy job. So long as you might be offering the best surroundings and an excellent quantity of water, your plant ought to keep pleased and wholesome. Hold useful this analysis from the College of Florida for an entire listing of pests and ailments that might have an effect on your Philodendron.

Watering Your Philodendron

Your Philodendron might be happiest with moist soil. They get pleasure from a average quantity of water. However, these vegetation reply to over and underwatering shortly. Their leaves will droop in the event that they’ve both had an excessive amount of or too little water. You’ll be able to keep away from this by ready to water till the highest inch of soil is dry. The kind of Philodendron in your house may also must be considered with regards to watering. Vining vegetation will want extra constant waterings. Non-vining varieties can see longer durations between waterings. Regardless of the kind, Philodendrons don’t like to take a seat in soggy soil. This may trigger the roots to rot, so monitoring water consumption is necessary. You should buy a watering gauge at your native backyard middle if you’re nervous about how a lot water your Philodendron is getting. These will provide help to perceive precisely when to water your houseplants.

Pruning Your Philodendron

These vegetation are straightforward as a result of they don’t want pruning. When you discover your Philodendron is rising too quick, you may minimize the vines which can be too lengthy. You can take these cuttings and propagate them! In case you are sad with the way in which your plant appears, be happy to prune it. Pruning isn’t vital for brand spanking new progress.

Fertilizing Your Philodendron

Your plant will get pleasure from the usage of a liquid fertilizer in it’s peak rising season. In spring and summer time, utilizing fertilizer as soon as a month will assist help progress. The fertilizer will assist your Philodendron’s leaves develop larger and stronger. It should additionally assist pace the rising course of up. Come fall and winter, you may fertilize the plant bi-monthly. When you discover your plant is rising slower and the leaves look smaller, it’s possible you’ll want to extend fertilization. The extra vitamins the Philodendron will get, the quicker it can develop.


Choosing the right soil is necessary when potting your plant. The looser the soil the higher. The Philodendron wants a soil that drains properly, particularly when potted. The chance of waterlogging is excessive with these vegetation, so be sure to decide a soil that drains properly. When you discover your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, it’s a good suggestion to alter the soil. This could possibly be a symptom of salt buildup within the pot. They’re delicate to salt of their container. You’ll be able to attempt to keep away from this by utilizing unfastened soil and watering completely till water is launched from the pot’s drainage holes.


With most houseplants, discovering the spot in your house with the perfect lighting is essential. The Philodendron isn’t any completely different. These vegetation get pleasure from partial daylight. They’d be happiest close to a window that allows a good quantity of solar. It’s necessary to ensure the tropical plant doesn’t get direct daylight. Direct daylight can burn your plant’s leaves. Too little daylight can stunt the Philodendron’s progress. Discovering an ideal spot with partial daylight is the key to a contented houseplant.

Local weather

These vegetation are native to tropical canopies. Attributable to this, it’s possible you’ll want to supply some humidity to your Philodendron houseplant. This may be simply mimicked with a sprig bottle. Spraying down your plant each few days is really useful. When you reside in a dry local weather, maintaining your inexperienced good friend within the rest room will help present them with humidity help as properly.

Although these vegetation originate from a tropical local weather, they are often tolerant of colder temperatures. So long as your house doesn’t get under 50 levels, the Philodendron will survive. Protecting your plant away from drafts and air-con vents will help defend it as properly.


You will need to understand that these vegetation are poisonous. They’re unsafe for each pets and people to devour. The steams and leaves each are excessive in a chemical that’s poisonous. You probably have pets or young children in your house, hold these vegetation up and away from their attain.

When you discover a pet or human in your own home drooling, vomiting, having diarrhea or not consuming, they might have eaten your Philodendron. There may be additionally the prospect of mouth blisters, swelling and ache. These are the most typical signs of poisoning. When you see any of those signs, search assist from a health care provider or veterinarian.

The excellent news is most individuals and pets must devour a considerable amount of Philodendron leaves or stems for a extreme response. These vegetation are protected to have in your house so long as you watch your younger and furry relations.

Earlier than You Go

As houseplants have grown in recognition, so has the Philodendron. This tropical plant is available in many types and is simple to take care of. Discovering the right unfastened soil is good for maintaining these vegetation pleased. Additionally it is necessary to discover a partial sunny spot in your house for them to take a seat in. Watering too usually or too little could cause issues, so control the highest inch of soil to ensure your plant has sufficient water. These vegetation love humidity, so purchase your self a sprig bottle and mist away!

Like some houseplants, they’ll pose a danger of poisoning to your vegetation and youngsters. The prospect of great poisoning from them is slim, however it’s nonetheless really useful to maintain them up and away in your house.

With such a simple care routine for the Philodendron, they make nice houseplants for everybody! Whether or not you might be an skilled gardener or a newbie, you may’t go unsuitable with a Philodendron!

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